Four O Horse Farm


O'Neill Family SignThis fourth generation horse farm is run by a family who loves horses. We have changed our goals and now endeavor to produce horses that can walk, running walk then come up into a single foot - a back to basics ultimate pleasure horse. Trail riding a horse that can speed up to a good single foot is just more fun. We still specialize in champagnes, have the same great horses as always, with the addition of "Speed".

All of our colts are imprinted at birth. Select training is available for horses purchased here. We produce, train, and sell primarily for the pleasure market. See our sales page for more information.

Our breeding stallion, Golden Eclipse Rock is an outstanding individual in color, temperament, conformation, and speed. We have retired our former breeding stallion, Mellow Yellow, but continue to enjoy his descendants.

Our Farm is located about 80 miles East of Memphis and 20 miles South of Jackson, Tennessee, just a few miles from Chickasaw State Park and nearby to Natchez Trace State Park. These parks are two of the few in Tennessee that are equipped with wrangler camps and allow you to bring your own horses.